7 Tips To Follow To Be A Kick – Ass Business Attorney

It’s quite well known that being a business attorney is a respectable career. Think about it, gigantic New York based corporations and small mom and pop business can get hit with a lawsuit at any moment. For this reason, it is therefore very important that all businesses have at least one reliable small business attorney to call on if ever they find themselves in such a situation.

Hopefully when or if that time does come, that hero, referring to the attorney that gets called upon, can be you. So while you’re waiting for that distress call from that small business, you should perhaps use the time to (learn to be) the baddest kick-ass business attorney you can be.

  1. Know Your Strengths

As much as everybody wants to be perfect at everything, it’s merely a fantasy. Find something to focus on and study it. When clients come in for legal service, they don’t want an average attorney; they want someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Think about it, would you go to some dentist for braces, or an orthodontist? Take some time to really understand and specialize in something. Not only will you feel more competent when help is needed, but it never hurts to refresh your knowledge.

  1. Tone It Down

Most of your clients haven’t gone to law school.Your large legal vocabulary might seem impressive to yourself, regular folks will just feel intimidated. These people will be talking to you for advice in their time of need. Do not increase their stress by confusing them with legal jargon. Simplify everything as best as you can, then start working.

  1. Be Reasonable

Many people believe that once you become an attorney you turn into some high class millionaire. Which is a possibility, but for most it’s an out-right joke. What you need to focus on is doing your job well for a reasonable wage. The average client will be wary of being charged $1,000 per hour, they are a business trying to save money in the end.

The same could be said about charging $40 an hour. Charging too low could potentially hurt your reputation as a reputable attorney who doesn’t just speed through cases for a paycheck. Make sure your wages are reasonable and stick by it.

  1. Don’t Be Shy

Although having a great reputation is very important to getting work, you can’t just rely on the word-of-mouth in this modern age. Market yourself in order to widen the pool of possible clients. Open a Facebook page, dedicated to your line of work. Make business cards and hand them out to nearby “mom and pop” shops who often don’t have attorneys.

Be more active in your community to get your name out in the open.This isn’t to say that you must eat, live, and breathe social media; just make sure that the knowledge of your service is readily accessible to the public.

  1. Learn Self Control

Having a few crazy clients is inevitable. Your patience will be tested and you will occasionally go home wondering how society hasn’t been burned to flames with ridiculous people roaming around freely. That’s completely normal. Whatever you do, keep those thoughts inside until the day is over. Turn down potential offers respectfully. Make sure to be remembered in a positive light. Be the person who kept themselves calm when others were in a frenzy.

  1. Always Be Ready

No matter what you specialize in, as an attorney you are always offering a service. In that case, you must be flexible to your clients needs. Nobody should be making you jump through hoops, although do understand that you should be available for emergencies. Over time, as you gain more experience you will know what classifies as an emergency and how to prioritize problems. For the time being, just be ready for those phone calls off your office hours.

  1. Stay Strong:

Being a business attorney can be a great career for some people. Just understand the pressures and expectations that come along with it. Not everybody can handle it, and that’s an unfortunate part of life. Don’t let the stress discourage you from helping businesses in need of your service and expertise. Keep your head up high.

Whether you are representing a client as an independent small business attorney nyc or working as an employee of a large business or multi-national, you can be sure that a business attorney’s skills will always be needed. Without your service business owners will always be stressed over lawsuits and making sure their businesses are not unduly exposed to them. However, don’t be too intimidated by the challenges that this career has to offer. Chances are if you follow these 7 tips, you’ll be on the path to becoming a kick-ass business attorney.